Storm Chaser

Mike Olbinski

* 80 full colour images with captions

* Dramatic photographs of storms and tornadoes

* Describes the dangers of chasing storms and what motivates someone to do it

* Provides help and advice on how to take you own photographs
Date Published :
March 2017
Publisher :
White Owl
Illustration :
Over 100 color photographs
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ISBN : 9781473885851
Pages : 192
Dimensions : 8.5 X 11.5 inches
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The storms that cross the Great Plains of North America each spring are some of nature's most spectacular. They can also be some of the most dangerous. Most people who live in areas susceptible to these storms keep a close eye on the weather reports and take cover or evacuate when one is on the way. Storm chasers keep an even closer eye on the weather data, but for a different reason: they don't run away when they see a storm approaching, they follow it!

Professional photographer and Emmy Award winner, Mike Olbinski has chased storms throughout his native Arizona, as well as even further afield, including Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Colorado. Whether he's photographing lightning, tornadoes or even cloud formations, his remarkable images are able to convey the awesome power and beauty of nature in its most dramatic and impressive forms.

With over 100 stunning color photographs, this book brings together some of Mike's most breathtaking images from the past five years as he describes his love of the open road and the thrill of capturing the perfect storm on film.

About The Author

In 2011, professional photographer Mike Olbinski witnessed an incredible sandstorm over Phoenix, Arizona and the time-lapse video that resulted from this catapulted him in to the media spotlight. Commissioned by ESPN, The Weather Channel, and Al Gore's office for use in climate change videos, this became the turning point for Mike's photography career. A wedding photographer by trade, Mike has since had his storm photography and videos licensed by ESPN for Superbowl ads, National Geographic, The Arizona Cardinals, State Farm Insurance and Marvel Studios, culminating in an Emmy Award in 2017.Mike currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona with his wife and three children and runs workshops, storm chasing tours, and mentoring sessions.


“Photographer Mike Olbinski chases storms throughout his native Arizona and further afield, capturing lightning, tornadoes and dramatic cloud formations in images that convey the awesome power and beauty of nature.”

- David Sim, International Business Times

"This book contains some of the most staggeringly beautiful photographs of mega-storms I have ever seen. Stupendous photography!"

- Books Monthly

“Each flawlessly reproduced and truly memorable image is accompanied by a succinct commentary, making "Storm Chaser" an inherently fascinating volume from cover to cover… very highly recommended”

- Midwest Book Review

*5 Star Review* "These pictures are truly fascinating; they show just how small we are and how little control we have over the environment and that these storms can pack a wallop. For fans of weather and spectacular photos, this is the book for you."

- San Francisco Book Review

"A striking series of breath-taking pictures of nature lashing out from apocalyptic skies."

- Daily Mail Online

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