Orchids of South Africa

A Field Guide

Benny Bytebier, Steve Johnson

A field guide to the more than 500 orchid species that occur across South Africa, this book allocates a full page per species, along with 4-6 large images of the plants and their flowers.
Date Published :
September 2015
Publisher :
Penguin Random House South Africa
Contributor(s) :
Herbert Stärker
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ISBN : 9781775841395

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A detailed account of the species and distribution map accompany the images, along with a color bar indicating flowering period. The more than 2,500 beautiful images have been taken by specialist photographer Herbert Stärker, and show the important diagnostic details for each species. Written by authorities on the topic, this lavish and detailed book will appeal to all those with an interest in the popular field of orchids worldwide. With Benny Bytebier and Herbert Staerker

About The Author

STEVE JOHNSON (PhD) holds the South African Research Chair in Evolutionary Biology and is professor of Botany at the University of KwaZulu-Natal and holds the South African Research Chair in Evolutionary Biology. He has published extensively on the systematics, ecology and pollination biology of Cape orchids and has received numerous accolades for his scientific work. A leading international expert in his field, he co-authored The Cape Orchids.

HERBERT STÄRKER is a leading photographer of South African orchids. He has been photographing orchids for nearly 40 years, and previous publications include The Cape Orchids.

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