Edinburgh: Mapping the City

Chris Fleet, Daniel MacCannell

An accessible, enjoyable, attractive and browsable history of Edinburgh as seen through maps, that will appeal to all those with an interest in Edinburgh and Scottish history.
Date Published :
October 2014
Publisher :
Illustration :
illustrations (color), maps (color)
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ISBN : 9781780272450
Pages : 303
Dimensions : 10.05 X 10.05 inches
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Maps can tell much about the story of a place that traditional histories fail to communicate. This is particularly true of Edinburgh, one of the most visually stunning cities in the world and a place rich in historical and cultural associations. This lavishly illustrated book features 71 maps of Edinburgh which have been selected for the particular stories they reveal about the political, commercial and social life of Scotland and her capital. Many are reproduced in book form for the first time. Together, they present a fascinating insight into how Edinburgh has changed and developed over the last 500 years, and will appeal to all those with an interest in Edinburgh and Scottish history, as well as anyone interested in urban history, architectural history, town planning or the history of cartography.

About The Author

Christopher Fleet is Senior Map Curator in the National Library of Scotland with particular responsibilities for digital mapping. Margaret Wilkes is a member of the Steering Committee of the Scottish Maps Forum, a Director of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society and Joint Chair of the Edinburgh Centre of the RSGS. Charles W.J. Withers is Ogilvie Chair of Geography at Edinburgh University and Geographer Royal in Scotland.

Daniel MacCannell lives in Bristol, where he runs the Historical Detective Agency Ltd. He has studied Scottish, English, Dutch and French buildings, landscapes and townscapes for more than twenty years, and was awarded a Ph.D. in History and Art History by the University of Aberdeen in 2010. His previous books include Edinburgh: Mapping the City and Understanding Scottish Buildings.


Perfect gift'

- Financial Times

With remarkable talent and clarity, Fleet and MacCannell show maps to be much more than just items of use to find your way around. Together, they tell the tantalizing story of Edinburgh and of the people who made it into what it is today'

- Edinburgh Book Review

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