Struileag: Shore to Shore

Cladach gu Cladach


Inspired by Struileag (, a creative, outward-looking project about the Gaelic diaspora, this book is a diverse selection of previously unpublished and specially commissioned poems.
Date Published :
March 2015
Publisher :
Editor :
Kevin MacNeil
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ISBN : 9781846973178
Pages : 182
Dimensions : 7.8 X 5.1 inches
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The descendants of the Gaels are scattered far and wide across the world - a diaspora that is at once cherished and overlooked. This unique, heartfelt book brings vividly to life through raps, secular psalms, love poems and aphorisms the Gaelic experience as it was, as it is and as it might be.

Shore to Shore/Cladach gu Cladach is a vital legacy of the multimedia project Struileag, at the heart of which lies poetry, and is a demonstration that inside every culture is to be found the whole human condition.

This book contains contemporary poetry and text from all around the Gaelic diaspora commissioned over a three year period.

About The Author

Kevin MacNeil was born and raised in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. Novelist, poet, playwright, editor, aphorist and lyricist, his books include The Stornoway Way, Love and Zen in the Outer Hebrides and Be Wise Be Otherwise. He is currently working on an album with William Campbell, a new novel, a film, a play and a travelogue-memoir based on his 1,300km cycle down the Danube in September 2009 for two cancer charities. Kevin has held a number of prestigious writing residencies in Scotland and continental Europe. He is a Lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Edinburgh. His awards include: the Tivoli Europa Giovani International Poetry Prize; the inaugural Iain Crichton Smith Writing Fellow; a J.B. Priestley Award; and a Millennium Quality Award.


**** Shore to Shore is an anthology of Gaelic raps, secular poems and aphorisms artistically and vividly bringing the Gaelic world to life… by commissioning literature from leading Gaelic writers, MacNeil displays a multi-faceted perspective of the world and accomplishes a truly inspiring, heartfelt and provocative portrayal of Gaelic culture… The author asserts that the human condition is self-evident in every culture in the world. Through a hugely varied collection of Gaelic literature, he succeeds in proving precisely that

- Scottish Field

deeply satisfying

- Roger Hutchinson, The West Highland Free Press

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