Wisdom from Africa

A Collection of Proverbs

Dianne Stewart

A beautfully illustrated keepsake and reference to the wealth of wisdom of Africa given in the original language and the English translations.
Date Published :
September 2005
Publisher :
Penguin Random House South Africa
Illustration :
160 illustrations
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ISBN : 9781770070264
Pages : 160
Dimensions : 6 X 6 inches
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In the words of author Dianne Stewart, 'African proverbs reflect both the past and the present, and are as relevant to contemporary society as they were to traditional society.' As with so much of African culture, proverbs have been passed on in the oral tradition so it's rare to find such a treasure trove as this; from across Africa, Dianne has compiled a fascination collection. The text is given in the language of origin, an English translation and an explanation of the meaning. The proverbs are divided into subject groups such as human nature, family life, good fortune, time, animals and nature. Whether you're looking for that special African gift or would like to add to your own collection of reference books, Wisdom from Africa is an excellent choice.

About The Author

Acclaimed author Dianne Stewart has degrees in African Languages, Literature and Psychology. She has written numerous popular books for children that have been published both locally and internationally, most recently Folktales from Africa (also published by Struik Children), and many of these have been translated into various European, African and Eastern languages.

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