Make Your Own Living Will

Everything You Need to Prepare Your Own Living Will


In this book, we show you how to create your own living will while at the same time taking a look at the various legalities surrounding the making of living wills, when they become effective and the procedures they cover. We also take a close look at related areas such as healthcare powers of attorney, do-not-resuscitate orders and organ donation.
Date Published :
March 2014
Publisher :
Enodare Limited
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ISBN : 9781906144449

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A living will allows you to instruct your healthcare providers and your family regarding the use or nonuse of certain life-sustaining medical procedures in the event that you become terminally ill or permanently unconscious and unable to communicate your own healthcare wishes. If the absence of having a living will, close family members will generally be allowed to make life-sustaining medical decisions for you during any period in which you are terminally ill or permanently incapacitated (mentally) and unable to make these decisions yourself. While this can be beneficial, there is always a risk that your family members do not make the decisions you would have wanted. This book contains all the step-by-step instructions, detailed information and legal forms necessary to prepare your own state specific living will.

Make Your Own Living Will:
• Specify Your Preferences for Medical Treatment
• Avoid Unwanted Medical Procedures
• Avoid Family Disputes
• Reduce Healthcare Costs


"Make Your Own Living Will from ENODARE is a very complete guide to everything you need to prepare your own living will. As laws requiring the medical staffs to do everything possible to resuscitate someone who has stopped breathing make it difficult to die with dignity every person needs to have in writing his or her own wishes pertaining to accidents or death. Laws and forms for each state vary, and the paperwork must be exactly right in order to be followed. This book has the up to date forms for each of the 50 United States and helps you fill them out, explaining how to get things in order according to your wishes and in order to help your family make difficult decisions. These documents also significantly reduce health costs and are required by most hospitals. Get this excellent book today and don't put off filling out the forms to put with your will and other legal documents and with your doctor's files."

- Bonnie Neely, Real Travel Adventures

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