The Great Irish Weather Book

Joanna Donnelly

Have you ever wondered why the sky is blue, what makes a rainbow, or how lightning happens? Then come on an epic adventure with this huge, colorful book! Packed with illustrations and mind-blowing facts.
Date Published :
July 2019
Publisher :
Gill Books
Contributor(s) :
Fuchsia MacAree
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Binding : Hardback
ISBN : 9780717180936
Pages : 96
Stock Status : In stock


There's nothing the Irish like more than talking about the weather! Here meteorologist Joanna Donnelly explains what weather is and how it happens. From cold fronts to climate change, satellites to storms, this book contains everything you've ever wanted to know about the weather. Beautifully illustrated by Fuchsia MacAree, and containing lots of interesting facts and experiments, this is a book that every curious child will love. Ages 9+

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