A Guardian What?

Jenny Sullivan

A novel that treats a serious and timely issue, bullying. It gives the story of Tali, who has moved from Criccieth to a south Wales border town. She has trouble settling into Gelli-afon Comprehensive School, and in desperation wishes for a guardian angel. Suitable for readers aged nine years and older.
Date Published :
January 2006
Publisher :
Y Lolfa
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781843236467
Pages : 80
Dimensions : 7.7 X 5 inches
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Tali needs a friend. More than that, she needs protection. After her parents move from North to South Wales, Tali does not find life easy. Moving up to the Comp would have been so much simpler back home, where she had lots of friends and where everybody spoke the same language. But at Gelli-afon Comprehensive, Tali sticks out like a sore thumb and becomes an easy target for bullies Fiona and S'mantha. In desperation, she wishes for a guardian angel and, to Tali's amazement, Atchy (real name un pronounceable) materialises in her bedroom. And that's where the fun really begins....for Atchy is no angel!

About The Author

Jenny Sullivan is undoubtedly one of Pont Books's most popular and prolific authors. Her army of fans delight at the weird and wonderful world of magic in her novels. She now lives in Brittany but returns to Wales often, the country which inspires much of her work. As well as writing for children and adults she spends much of her time visiting schools and encouraging children to write. She says 'Writing books allows me to do all sorts of wonderful things - swim with dolphins and seals, shift-shape into a bird and fly, turn people I don't like into all kinds of squirmy things - it's fun for me and I hope it is for my readers, too.' Tirion's Secret Journal by Jenny Sullivan won the Tir na n-Og Award in 2006 for the best English-language book for children. Her novel Full Moon also won the Tir na n-Og Award in 2012.

'You're a wolf!' she whispered.

Meet Nia. She's a normal teenager, who likes clothes, make-up and boys . . . but isn't quite so keen on schoolwork. She loves her family to bits though she wishes they could be just a little more ordinary.

There's Mam, who can't act for toffee, but is desperate to be a TV star... big sister, Ceri, who's been offered a part in a TV series, but is worried about Mam's jealous reaction . . . and little brother, Steffan, who thinks he's a superhero . . .

And then there's Aunty Gwen, who's been mugged. She's safe, but lying in a hospital bed and fretting about a mysterious house guest. The moon is already rising when Nia visits her aunt's house and finds a strange boy in the cellar..

Full Moon won the Tir na n-Og Award in 2012 for the best English-language book for children.

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