Waterproof Notebook - Lined

Spiral bound waterproof notebook, ideal for any activity where there might be water or rain. One side is lined, the other clear for drawings.
Date Published :
October 2015
Publisher :
Fernhurst Books
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ISBN : 9781909911444
Pages : 64
Dimensions : 6.75 X 5 inches
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Fernhurst Books' Waterproof Notebook Lined is a larger size, with the right hand page lined and the left hand page blank to allow for drawings. It is printed on plastic paper that is totally waterproof. It can be written on using most writing and drawing tools. The pages can be re-used if writing with a pencil or chinagraph. The spiral binding allows the book to be opened flat or folded back on itself. It is great for sailors, canoeists, fishermen and indeed anyone needing to make notes near water or when it might rain. It is even used for underwater drawing classes!

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