Logbook for GPS Navigation

Compact, for small chart tables

Bill Anderson

A compact cruising logbook specifically designed for GPS Navigation and perfect for use on small chart tables. Beautifully presented with silver blocking on the cover.
Date Published :
December 2014
Publisher :
Fernhurst Books
Series :
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ISBN : 9781909911185
Pages : 96
Dimensions : 7 X 9.75 inches
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Most yachts and motor boats now use GPS as their primary source of positional information when navigating. The page layout of this logbook has been designed for clear entry of GPS positions and waypoints. The left-hand spread is for passage planning and the right-hand spread is for plotting positions on passage. There is also space to include narrative and separate pages for pilotage, harbour, anchorage and other notes, plus a section to use as a visitors’ book and / or to record crew changes. The size of the book makes it ideal for use on small chart tables, without completely covering the chart that also needs to be referred to. This second edition reintroduces the silver blocking on the front cover, giving the Logbook a stylish feel and making it the ideal place in which to record those precious journeys undertaken in your yacht.

About The Author

Bill Anderson started sailing off the North Antrim coast in an open fishing boat. He spent 13 years as a seaman officer in the Royal Navy, serving as Navigating Officer of a minesweeper, a frigate and a destroyer. On leaving the Navy he joined the training division of the Royal Yachting Association, where, as Training Manager, he redesigned the RYA Yachtmaster training and examinations programme.

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