Tracing Your Leeds Ancestors

A Guide for Family Historians

Rachel Bellerby

* Comprehensive introduction to researching Leeds ancestors

* Guide to all the relevant national and local archives

* Insight into the life and times of the people of Leeds in the past

* Brings family history to life by exploring the world in which your ancestors lived

* A handbook for local and well as family historians
Date Published :
October 2015
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
Series :
Tracing your Ancestors
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781473828001
Pages : 168
Dimensions : 9.21 X 6.14 inches
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Explore the lives of your ancestors in the ‘city of 1,000 trades’ in this family and local history guide, dedicated to the city of Leeds. Learn how to find out more about the streets where your ancestors lived, where they would have gone to school and church and chapel, how they’d have spent their leisure time, what life would have been like for immigrants in the city, and discover more about the different trades in which your family members were involved.
Leeds is home to many different archives and collections, from records of major companies such as Joshua Tetley & Sons, Burtons Tailors and Marks & Spencers, to street plans, photo collections and records of theaters and football clubs. Rachel Bellerby’s handbook shows you how to get started with your research, building up an intriguing and colorful record of the city that your ancestors called home. It is an essential guide for anyone living in Leeds or with family connections to the city.

About The Author

Rachel Bellerby is an experienced journalist who specialises in the local, family and industrial history of Yorkshire. She has a lifetime’s knowledge of Bradford’s history and her ancestors have lived in the city since the early nineteenth century. She is the author of Chasing the Sixpence: Memories of Bradford Mill Workers and Tracing Your Yorkshire Ancestors.

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