La cuisine normande au XIII siecle

Normandie, Angleterre, Scandinavie

Josy Marty-Dufaut

Date Published :
October 2015
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ISBN : 9782840484226
Pages : 80
Dimensions : 11.5 X 8.25 inches
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The kitchen in the thirteenth century, two albums!

The kitchen in the thirteenth century, the manuscript of Zion, Fabian Müllers (ref. 8403) will be available in early summer. We also offer another album in the kitchen at that time in the Norman worlds: Normandy, kingdom Anglo-Norman, Norman Sicily but also Denmark and Iceland. It will appear in the month of April.

The kitchen of the thirteenth century was long ignored, overshadowed by the iconic works, The Viandier Taillevent and Le Mesnagier of Paris, appeared in the fourteenth century. The thirteenth century was a time extension, intense trade, cultural exchange. This is the golden age for the Normans that set up in many countries. Western Europe has a unity and community never known before. The kitchen is a testament to this European cohesion. This book focuses on the revenue reported in the Anglo-Norman and Scandinavian manuscripts. They are a copy of earlier texts from France, Sicily, themselves copied from other texts or finding their inspiration in Greco-Latin culture and cuisine of the East. Emblematic dishes that will make the reputation of the kitchen Taillevent are already appearing. The foundations of the medieval kitchen are given. Culinary is constantly changing, it is never a revolution. Acids or flavors sweeter, popular colors, subtle flavors, textures worked, the kitchen of the thirteenth century offers a wide and varied range of recipes as delicious as each other. "

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