Crescent and Delta

The Bangladesh Story

David Urch

An objective outside view of the immense contribution of the Bangladeshi people; It should be of great interest both to the wide diaspora of Bangladeshis and those who wish to learn more about the compelling history of the region.
Date Published :
April 2014
Publisher :
University of Buckingham Press
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Bangladesh became an independent state in 1971. But its story, often overshadowed by flood, famine and natural disaster is one that should make every Bangladeshi proud. David Urch's vivid narrative evokes the people and the place, describing how, after years of outside influence, modern Bangladesh was born. Despite centuries of external domination, the Bangladeshis remain a proud people. Now at last they themselves can benefit from their rich and diverse country. The first comprehensive history of Bangladesh to be written by an Englishman, though one who has spent much of his life in Islamic countries, It is more than a history of Bangladesh. By recounting what has often been a violent and tragic history, it explores wider issues such as the cultural and economic interactions between those of different faiths, and the problems of establishing stable systems of government in places that have experienced centuries of oppression and exploitation.