The Picts

A History

Tim Clarkson

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August 2016
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16pp color plates
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ISBN : 9781780274034
Pages : 240
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The Picts were an ancient nation who ruled most of northern and eastern Scotland during the Dark Ages. Despite their historicalimportance, they remain shrouded in myth and misconception. Absorbed by the kingdom of the Scots in the ninth century, they lost their unique identity, their language and their vibrant artistic culture. Amongst their few surviving traces are standing stones decorated with incredible skill and covered with enigmatic symbols - vivid memorials of a powerful and gifted people who bequeathed no chronicles to tell their story, no sagas to describe the deed of their kings and heroes.

In this book Tim Clarkson pieces together the evidence to tell the story of this mysterious people from their emergence in Roman times to their eventual disappearance.

About The Author

Tim Clarkson is an independent researcher and historian, who previously worked in academic librarianship. He gained an MPhil in Archaeologyand a PhD in medieval history, both from the University of Manchester. He is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland and a member ofthe editorial board of the Heroic Age online journal. Since 2012 he has been involved with heritage projects at Govan, as a historical adviser ontopics relating to the early medieval period. He is the author of many books on Medieval history including The Picts: A History, The Makers of Scotland, Scotland's Merlin and Men of the North.


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