The Origins of Arabia

Andrew Thompson

The Arabian peninsula was once crossed by rivers and populated by Asian and African animals as well as successful groups of early man. This visual guide to the geology and history of Arabia traces the creation and shaping of the peninsula and examines the palaeontological and archaeological evidence for its early inhabitants until the formation of
Date Published :
December 2000
Publisher :
Stacey International
Illustration :
col illus
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ISBN : 9781900988049
Pages : 108
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The Arabian peninsula is entirely without continuously flowing water and contains the largest sand desert in the world. Origins of Arabia follows the dramatic story of the development of Arabia from the shaping of the continents to its earliest human inhabitants. Andrew Thomson, an expert in desert geology, uses clear explanations and stimulating images to trace these events across a billion years of geology and evolution. Origins of Arabia will appeal to all with an interest in the Middle East and its geological history.

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