Roman Record Keeping & Communications

Paul Chrystal

The first book to examine Roman record-keeping and communication—one of the key building blocks of civilization and empire. It analyses the role played by these Roman obsessions in what was effectively the Roman equivalent of social media, used to disseminate information, official and private throughout the Roman world.
Date Published :
April 2018
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Fonthill Media
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Color and B&W photographs
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ISBN : 9781781556580
Pages : 224
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The assumption is that most of what we know about the Romans and their history comes from Roman and Greek historians. While this is true up to a point, the reality is that there are many other primary sources which combine to give us the composite picture we have today of the Romans and their world. The Romans had in effect their own brand of social media, engineered to disseminate information, legislation, propaganda and misinformation to state and religious officials, citizens, the military and to the enemy, wherever they be. We know what the Romans did for us: roads, central heating and so on. But, just as importantly, they developed and perfected records and record-keeping and other methods of information storage and communication. It is the Roman preoccupation with record keeping and dissemination that informs the picture we have today of Roman civilization. This is the first book to analyze what is in effect Roman social media: the keeping of records and archive material, and ways of communicating it. Uniquely, it assesses the impact this information had on and in Roman history and on our appraisal of that history.

About The Author

Paul Chrystal is the author of some seventy books published over the last decade, including recent publications such as Wars and Battles of the Roman Republic, Roman Military Disasters and Women and War in Ancient Greece and Rome. He is a regular contributor to history magazines, local and national newspapers and has appeared on BBC Radio 4, BBC World Service and on BBC local radio throughout Yorkshire and in Teesside and Manchester. He writes extensively for several Pen & Sword military history series including ‘Cold War 1945–1991’, ‘A History of Terror’ and ‘Military Legacy’ (of British cities).


Chrystal’s primary purpose is to provide entertaining facts to the general public, and in this he succeeds.

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