The Best Friends' Guide to Getting Fit

Kim Murphy, Kris Carpenter

Date Published :
May 2005
Publisher :
Capital Books
Series :
Capital Ideas
Illustration :
b/w line drawings, charts, worksheets
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781933102009
Pages : 250
Dimensions : 8.5 X 5.5 inches
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Girlfriends! Connect. Move. Transform."The Best Friends' Guide to Getting Fit" is an inspirational book that presents a new way to achieve lifetime fitness through the power of friendship--taking the idea of workout partners to a whole different level. Kim and Kris' philosophy is that friendship can provide the incentive, time after time, to get up and out the door to meet for a workout. The consistency of such a routine and the chance to nurture a friendship daily, leads to dramatic results in all areas of a woman's life--physical, mental, and spiritual. Their book lays out concrete ways for a woman to embark on her own fitness journey; to select a friend with whom to partner; choose the right activities to pursue; establish a routine; cultivate the friendship; overcome obstacles (like illnesses, injuries, and boredom); try new activities; set and achieve goals together; develop greater discipline; and recognize the many signs of improving fitness. Each chapter combines Kim's and Kris' own fitness success story with practical tips, structure, and advice for making major life changes.


'The Best Friend's Guide to Getting Fit' by Kim Murphy and Kris Carpenter proposes exercise regimens in conjunction with a friend.

- Publishers Weekly, January 2005

Kris Carpenter and Kim Murphy have co-written ‘The Best Friends' Guide to Fitness,' in which they share how their friendship focused them on a regular exercise program that made them mentally strong and physically fit.

- Lisa Cherry, Daily Press (Newport News, VA), June 2005

Using their own story how two out-of-shape young women became best friends and fit for life through exercising together, these certified personal trainers share advice about how you and a chosen friend can develop your friendship and become fit.

- Jim Agnew,, June 2005


- Today’s Books, July 2005

The book...examines the details of how to develop an exercise relationship with a friend, and how to work around obstacles such as schedule changes and injuries.

- Lea Mae Rice, The Connection Newspapers (Vienna, VA), July 2005

The authors of 'The Best Friend's Guide to Getting Fit' share the inspiring story of how their friendship helped them to focus on a regular exercise program that made them mentally and physically fit.

- Miami Herald, July 2005

Introducing ‘The Best Friends' Guide To Getting Fit,' Kim Murphy and Kris Carpenter's veritable love letter to achieving one's goals, overcoming obstacles and, most of all, the power of friendship. A few years ago, Murphy, 42, and Carpenter, 41, seemed like poor candidates to be instructing anyone on getting in shape. Both admit that neither could scale a medium-sized hill without risk of triggering a wheezing fit. But after completing the 2003 Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon, it dawned on them that, through perseverance, dedication and helping each other, they had developed from hopeless novices into veritable 13-mile running machines. Now, through the book which hit bookstores last month, they maintain that you, too, can do the same.

- Paul White, The Virginian-Pilot, August 2005

Two out of shape friends used their friendship as the basis for establishing a consistent exercise routine - and you and a chosen friend can follow in their footsteps with their Best Friends' Guide To Getting Fit. From setting mutual fitness goals and establishing a routine to overcoming illness, injuries and even boredom and lack of discipline, certified personal trainers Murphy and Carpenter provide a wealth of inspirational tips.

- Midwest Book Review, October 2005

Women need their buddies as fitness partners, says the authors of ‘The Best Friends' Guide to Getting Fit.' That's because getting fit is easier — and more fun — when you have a friend to keep you going.

- The Tampa Tribune, September 2005

Sisterhood builds strength....The trend motivated two Virginia women to write a book, ‘The Best Friends' Guide to Getting Fit.' It chronicles their journey to fitness together through running and the link between women seeking friendship and physical fitness. ‘I think it's catching on,' said Kris Carpenter, 43, who with co-author Kim Murphy is a personal trainer with an online fitness business. ‘It's kind of like the Tupperware parties of our generation. Instead of getting together for Tupperware or bridge, we're getting together to exercise. It's more powerful.'

- Barb Berggoetz, The Indianapolis Star, November 2005

Exercise. Don't go down this path alone. While men join pickup basketball games or assemble a foursome for a round of golf, women tend to have more trouble finding a partner on their fitness journey. This prompted Kim Murphy and Kris Carpenter, two formerly out-of-shape women, to write the ‘The Best Friends Guide to Getting Fit,' a guide to using friendships as the foundation for establishing a consistent exercise routine.

- Julie Deardorff, The Chicago Tribune, January 2006

They assert a basic truth that, depending on your point of view toward exercise, can either be described as ‘misery loves company' or something slightly more ennobling....It's a sensible idea, and yet one that stands in stark contrast to the still-common notion of exercise as a hardship that must be endured alone, a solitary battle in which you wage ‘war' against your waistline, your sedentary habits or simply the progression of time.

- John Hanc, Newsday, January 2006

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