Steps to Freedom

Escaping Intimate Control

Don Hennessy

Practical advice for those dealing with domestic violence or other abusive relationships
Date Published :
August 2018
Publisher :
Liberties Press
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ISBN : 9781912589005
Pages : 224
Dimensions : 9 X 6 inches
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The Weinstein affair in Hollywood has grabbed the headlines for months. Controlling behavior, particularly of men towards women, is far more common in all walks of life than we have been led to believe.

In this easy-to-read guide, best-selling author Don Hennessy offers advice to all those dealing with violent or controlling behavior in their own lives, based on his experience of dealing with hundreds of such people in a therapeutic setting. Most important, he explains to the reader how they can throw off the shackles and live lives free from fear and intimidation.

About The Author

Don Hennessy is the Director of the National Domestic Violence Intervention Agency and the author of the best-selling How He Gets Into Her Head. He is a relationship counsellor who has worked for many years with women who are experiencing difficulties with abusive or controlling partners. Don has been interviewed in the Irish Independent, Irish Examiner and Irish Times, and is a regular contributor on the subject of intimate control in the broadcast media in Ireland and internationally.

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