Make it Happen

A Success Guide for Teenagers

Philip O'Callaghan, Padraig Lawlor

Date Published :
March 2015
Publisher :
Liberties Press
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ISBN : 9781907593123

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This is a vital book for teenagers, but also parents and career guidance teachers, in learning how to get the best from young adults. Teenage-motivational books have always existed. However, they have normally followed the same vein as those aimed at adults; serious, 'life-changing', and somewhat preachy. Make it Happen by Padraig Lawlor and Philip O'Callaghan is really for teenagers - not a makeover on an adult self help guide. It uses styles and techniques such as 'Channel Hop', 'Reality Bites', 'Replay', and other reader-friendly terms to highlight and examine the most important aspects of the book. Make it Happen focuses on the subconscious, and shows teenagers how easy it can be to achieve any goal or dream. By interspersing technical and informative notes with real-life stories and examples of Make it Happen's strategies in practice, the fast paced and varied book ensures the teenage reader stays captivated. Modern day examples such as U2, Facebook, and the X-Factor also feature to emphasize points, with the attractive and colorful layout further appealing to the target market.

About The Author

PADRAIG LAWLORis an experienced Nuero Linguistic Programming practitioner, with qualifications from the Irish Institute of NLP. Having studied with some of the best Personal Development teachers, Padraig is now the Lead Trainer and Managing Director of The Super Generation. Padraig has travelled much of the world, and during those travels has had to face and conquer his own fears and anxieties.

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