Make Your Own Medical & Financial Powers of Attorney

Date Published :
March 2014
Publisher :
Enodare Limited
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ISBN : 9781906144623

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Powers of attorney come in two forms, namely ordinary and durable. Ordinary powers of attorney can be useful where you wish to simply authorise someone to tend to some financial or commercial matter on your behalf such as buying or selling real estate. However, they come to an automatic end if you become mentally incapacitated. Durable powers of attorney, on the other hand, do not come to an end when you become incapacitated. As such, they can be used to appoint someone you trust to manage your legal and financial affairs during any period in which you are incapacitated. They even allow you to appoint someone to make medical decisions on your behalf if you are incapacitated and unable to make those decisions yourself. This self-help book provides you with step-by-step instructions, detailed information and all the forms necessary to ensure that your legal, financial and medical affairs can be managed during any period in which you are unable to do so yourself. Make Your Own Power of Attorney:

  • Powers of Attorney to Cover Any Situation
  • Ensure Your Family is Not Left Helpless
  • Avoid a Devaluation of Your Assets
  • Plan for Medical Incapacity
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