Mental Agility

Train Your Mind to Think, Act & Influence... Faster!

Robert Jolles

A sure-fire system for learning to think fast on your feet—the key to selling your message, influencing others, and captivating your audience
Date Published :
October 2007
Publisher :
Capital Books
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Whether you are presenting a product, giving a press conference, interviewing for a job, addressing an audience—you are persuading. You need Mental Agility® —the art of thinking fast, controlling a conversation, persuading those around you, and conditioning the mind to think faster under pressure. As one of the most sought-after professional business speakers in the country, author Rob Jolles knows first hand the need for mental speed. After twenty-two years of training thousands of sales people for such clients as Xerox, Aetna, General Electric, Goldman Sachs, and more—he has put together a “must read” guide for learning to think fast on your feet so you can sell your message, influence others, and captivate your audience, wherever you are. In his frank, humorous style, Mental Agility® is just as much fun to read as it is listening to Rob talk. His easy “problem-process-practice” guide teaches you a system for walking into any situation cold and establishing a relationship, based on trust and confidence; for implementing Rob’s repeatable, predictable techniques for persuading your clients or audience; and then how to handle confrontational scenarios that might arise and turn them around. The book is full of useful tips and actions points, plus thirty-five Mental Agility® exercises to help you practice what you’ve learned and put Rob’s “path to persuasion” into your business plan.


"A sales training pro submits advice on how to be an effective communicator."

- Publisher’s Weekly

"Read ‘Mental Agility: The Path to Persuasion’ by Robert L. Jolles to put your mind in gear. Jolles' mental exercises will train you to think, analyze and react. In the process, you may discover more about what you want to do."

- Lindsey Novak, Creators Syndicate

"Another book along the same lines is Mental Agility: The Path to Persuasion by Robert L. Jolles ($21.95, Capital Books, Sterling, VA) who says he cannot just teach you the arts of persuasion, but train your mind to think faster, whether it comes naturally to you or not. If you’re one of those folks who has trouble starting a conversation with a potential customer and keeping it going, this book might well prove very useful. These are techniques anyone can learn."

- Alan Caruba,

"Rob Jolles is the author of the newly released book Mental Agility®. He is a master corporate trainer and one of the most sought after business speakers in the country. He was instrumental in creating, delivering and managing Xerox Corporation’s highly touted sales training programs."

- American Venture Magazine

". . .an outstanding self-help business guide to learning to think on one's feet under pressure, whether showcasing a product, giving a press conference, interviewing for a job, or speaking to the public. Written by master corporate trainer Robert L. Jolles, ‘Mental Agility’ is meant especially to aid business professionals but the advice, tips, tricks, and techniques are useful to readers of all walks of life. Sample exercises to increase one's mental agility, learning how to better understand the thoughts of those one is trying to persuade, mastering conversational skills, techniques for being persuasive and much more fill this excellent self-training guide to sharper thoughts, faster reactions and rapier wit."

- Midwest Book Review