Pieter Cilliers

Like so many other gay people, Pieter Cilliers seeks acceptance, and answers, on his pilgrimage towards spirituality, faith and religion.
Date Published :
September 2012
Publisher :
Protea Boekhuis
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ISBN : 9781869195076

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Pieter Cilliers’s autobiography, first published in South Africa in 1997, is a heartrending story of a gay pastor’s struggle to come to terms with his homosexuality. It was hailed for its pioneering role in the discussion on homosexuality and the church. The many letters he received since then has resulted in a comprehensive update of the original book. In Pilgrim Cilliers challenges the church’s attitude towards homosexuals and argues that South Africa’s inclusive Constitution has not yet led to an unconditional acceptance of gays. The book is about compelling stories within a greater narrative concerning spirituality and faith.


"Pieter Cilliers articulates, with honesty, the loneliness and frustration of a talented, God-fearing person who inevitably becomes an outsider, the victim of fear and discrimination. It is a ground-breaking book that contains hope; a book that exposes the church's rigid and irrational handling of homosexuality."

- Boekenet

"This is a book you cannot put down. The engaging and honest way in which it has been written, and the moving content of the letters, makes it an essential reading experience for everyone who is interested in people and their mental and spiritual wellbeing."

- Dr Jean du Plessis, Kerkbode

"Some books you have to read with devoted attention. Others draw you in and won’t let go until the very last page. This is such a book. It is challenging and spellbinding!"

- Ralph Barnard, LitNet

"The integrity, courage and good taste of Pieter Cilliers’s acclaimed television work are the substructure of his book. It is the story, ripped from the heart, of a gay Christian Afrikaner, a minister for many years, and his lonely struggle for self-acceptance and happiness."

- Rykie van Reenen, Boekewêreld

"For lovers of a sea-yarn there's plenty of salty business, both aship and ashore… The author knows his 18th-century sea lore."

- Historical Novels Review

"Abrim with heroism, tenderness, chicanery and suspense, while crisply evoking a vivid picture of the era."

- Kirkus Reviews

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"This fascinating book … scores highly because of its detailed references to the social aspects of the city’s history. These are woven into all the chapters, giving it the human touch many history books seem to lack."

- Sheffield Telegraph

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