Tissue Salts for Children

Babies, Tots, Teens

Margaret Roberts

Date Published :
December 2014
Publisher :
Penguin Random House South Africa
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ISBN : 9781775841135

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The 12 key tissue salts are minerals that should be present in our bodies in perfect balance to ensure optimal health. These remarkable salts are found in the Earth’s rocks and soil, and in food grown organically in mineral-rich soil.

In this follow-up to Tissues Salts for Health Living, Margaret Roberts focuses on using tissue salts to enhance the development and wellbeing of children, from infancy to the teenage years. Each tissue salt is presented in its own chapter, with tips on treating specific ailments and advice on increasing the intake of the salts by means of diet. An ailment chart is included for quick reference.

An indispensable guide for anyone interested in health, wellness, and using natural remedies to enhance wellbeing.

About The Author

Margaret Roberts is an herbal pioneer from South Africa. She introduced herbs and made them part of the culture over 35 years ago, and lectures extensively on herbs for health and nutrition around the globe. She is a certified physical therapist. In her quest for health, longevity and natural treatments for every ailment encompassing natural foods, natural medicines and insecticides, she has become a respected authority on this essential subject. She has inspired many around the globe to create gardens, change their ways of eating, and to use natural medicines. Miss Roberts is the author of more than 30 books, and received a Laureate Award from Pretoria University in recognition of her outstanding contributions to this field.


"Tissue Salts for Children is by the well-known Margaret Roberts who is a household word in South Africa. She is an expert on all things natural, from gardening to health care and wonders she creates in her kitchen for good health, good taste, healing and just general feeling good and full of energy. In this her latest book she tells why the twelve salts are so important for good health. These include Calcium Flouride Calcium Phosphate, Calcium sulphate, Ferrus Phosphate, Kalium phosphate, kalium muriaticum, Kalium sulphate, magnesium phosphate, sodium chloride, phosphate of soda, sulphate of soda, and silica. These vital nutrient minerals are present naturally in foods grown organically, but with the commercial fertilizers and over worn soils foods are grown in today many of these nutrients are lacking, causing many ills which can be prevented or cured easily. Margaret gives many recipes for creating our own healthy products especially for children, including sprays, lotions, creams, and delicious foods. If you like to delve into alternative methods for good healthy living and if you like to concoct things in your kitchen this book if for you! She insists you cannot overdose these nutrients and there are no harmful side effects, so why not try it for everything from runny noses to itchy skin."

- Bonnie Neely, Real Travel Adventures

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