How to Grow and Eat Your Own Superfoods

Becky Dickinson

Date Published :
June 2018
Publisher :
White Owl
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80 illustrations
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''Gardening is where science meets art, where nature meets nurture and where food and health unite.''

In an age of clean eating and fad diets, the term super food has become synonymous with inflated prices and overstated claims about the disease-fighting, anti-aging, life-enhancing powers of certain foods.

Sales of fruits and vegetables like kale, beetroot and blueberries have rocketed, but why spend money on products that have traveled miles around the country or even the globe only to sit in a supermarket wrapped in plastic for days, when you could grow your own?

This lively, engaging book weeds out the hype and unearths the secrets of what makes a food a super food.

Discover a wide array of fruits and vegetables all with their own super qualities, and learn how to sow and plant them yourself, free from chemicals and full of goodness.

In the comprehensive directory of crops you'll find information about the nutritional benefits of an A to Z of fruits and vegetables, followed by practical advice for planting and growing, plus mouthwatering recipes for making the most of your harvest.

Experience the delight of following your food's journey from seed to plate, and the gratification of picking and eating your own produce. Indulge your taste buds with tasty, nutritious meals, where the key is pleasure not avoidance.

It's time to take control of what you eat and grow your way to better health.

About The Author

Becky Dickinson is a freelance journalist who writes for national newspapers and magazines and runs the website She has also written a number of children's books for schools.

She is passionate about the benefits of gardening, both for physical health and mental wellbeing, and is dedicated to encouraging people of all ages to grow some of their own food.

She lives in Devon with her partner and three children, and an army of slugs she's determined to defeat.



“Everyone from public health mavens to your mom say you should eat more vegetables, especially such nutrient-packed superfoods as kale and beets. But it's hard to eat what you don't know how to cook. British gardener and writer Becky Dickinson tackles that problem in How to Grow & Eat Your Own Superfoods”

- Energy Times

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