Light Years Younger

The Definitive Guide to Anti-Aging Skin Care

David J. Goldberg, Eva Herriott

Date Published :
July 2003
Publisher :
Capital Books
Series :
Capital Lifestyles
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b/w illustrations
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ISBN : 9781931868150
Pages : 244
Dimensions : 9 X 6 inches
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There is one question, which every woman in this country (and increasing numbers of men), ask with increasing frequency as they get older, "What can I do to stay young and good-looking for as long as possible?" In "Light Years Younger" dermatologist and laser-skin specialist David J. Goldberg provides an in-depth discussion of many of the new anti-aging skin care treatments, providing readers the information they need to make informed choices. The changes that are happening in this field such as light-based treatments for reducing photo-aging, new, minimally invasive lasers which may actually prevent wrinkles by stimulating the formation of new collagen, and the recent availability of well-researched anti-wrinkle creams, and more are all covered in detail. Light Years Younger is one of the first books to focus on the numerous new non-invasive, anti-aging techniques that have emerged in the last two decades.

About The Author

Eva M. Herriott has a Ph.D. in psychology and works full-time as a writer specializing in health-related topics. Her work has been published in numerous national publications, such as Harvard Magazine, Natural Health, New Age Journal, Spa Management, American Spa, Yoga Journal, and Ladies Home Journal.

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