Grange Abbey

David Delaney

Date Published :
August 2017
Publisher :
Liberties Press
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ISBN : 9781910742402
Pages : 400
Dimensions : 9.05 X 6.1 inches
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Grange Abbey is the family saga of the Bannon construction dynasty, through the hard times and good, through recessions and growth, tragedy and success. Spanning generations, we see how James and his sons Frank, Simon and Paul come from humble beginnings to create a powerful construction empire and we also see the personal costs that success entails.

Whether it is James striving to create a company amid the ashes of post-second world war Britain, Frank taking on unions and risking it all in the brash '80s, or Paul standing up to bullies in his schooldays, the Bannons pride themselves on determination, bravery and loyalty to their friends. They stand by the courage of their convictions, whatever the consequences and exact revenge, whoever has crossed them in life or love.

The rewards if they succeed are a lavish lifestyle of untold wealth of yachting, beautiful women, shooting, gala balls and ultimately Grange Abbey itself. The property seams to symbolize the family clan and yet, means so much more. It takes grit to build a dynasty. Do the Bannons have what it takes to maintain one?

About The Author

David Delaney is a pseudonym. The author has worked in the construction industry as a developer for many years. The events in Grange Abbey reflect the harsh realities, enormous pressures and personal costs of 'making it big', but also the fathomless rewards, lavish lifestyles, luxury and privilege the construction industry creates and revels in. Grange Abbey is fiction but inspired by what David knows about the all-too-true excesses and corruption of an industry that has driven the economy.

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