The Penny Bangle

Margaret James

The first novel in the trilogy, The Silver Locket won the 2010 Single Titles Reviewers' Choice Award.
Date Published :
March 2013
Publisher :
Choc Lit
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It’s 1942 when Cassie Taylor reluctantly leaves Birmingham to become a land girl on a farm in Dorset. When should you trust your heart? In Dorset she meets Robert and Stephen Denham, twins recovering from injuries sustained at Dunkirk. Cassie is instantly drawn to Stephen, but is wary of the more complex Robert – who doesn’t seem to like Cassie one little bit. At first, Robert wants to sack the inexperienced city girl. But Cassie soon learns, and Robert comes to admire her courage, finding himself deeply attracted to Cassie. Just as their romance blossoms, he’s called back into active service. Anxious to have adventures herself, Cassie joins the ATS. In Egypt, she meets up with Robert, and they become engaged. However, war separates them again as Robert is sent to Italy and Cassie back to the UK. Robert is reported missing, presumed dead. Stephen wants to take Robert’s place in Cassie’s heart. But will Cassie stay true to the memory of her first love, and will Robert come home again? This final novel in the trilogy follows The Silver Locket and The Golden Chain.


"The final novel in the historical romance series where, like The Sliver Locket and The Golden Chain, our heroine faces a romantic dilemma, this time in the shape of twins, Stephen and Robert. These are compelling reads packed with historical detail and Cassie our central leading lady is a bit like a Jane Eyre of the 1940’s. They are perfect for anyone looking for a little escape from their daily grind."

- Love Reading

"Margaret James has created a well plotted, orderly structured story set in the chaos and disorder of war, with likeable characters."

- Historical Novels Review

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