Travelling Companion

Virginia Gilbert

Date Published :
March 2014
Publisher :
Liberties Press
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ISBN : 9781909718135
Pages : 304
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A small, touristy, Greek island. Sun. Sea. Sand. The perfect ingredients for a two-week package holiday - getting away from it all, taking a break from the madness.

For Rob and Georgie, a young couple in their late twenties, it's a chance to reconnect, spend some much-needed time together during their busy, urban lives. For Michael, a shy, introverted man, stranded alone at the same hotel, after the friend with whom he was supposed to be holidaying returns home unexpectedly, the holiday is a revelation. Georgie feels sorry for Michael and befriends him, chatting to him each morning by the pool, sharing her thoughts and feelings. Rob is somewhat irritated by Georgie's relationship with Michael, even though he seems to be no threat and doesn't bother the two of them particularly.

But Michael is increasingly drawn to Georgie. Having had no real experience himself of life or love, he takes Georgie at face value, giving huge weight to her confessions, unaware of some of their nuances and complexities. Unable to understand or deal with his conflicting emotions, and at the mercy of his powerful fantasy life, Michael sets in motion a plan that will have devastating consequences for all concerned.

A taut psychological thriller, Travelling Companion is a study of how ordinary people commit appalling acts, and how horrific actions can grow from trivial misunderstandings and from the simple misreading of the signals we unwittingly give to one another.

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