The Radio

A Novel

Bernard Sussman

Date Published :
January 2019
Publisher :
Bartleby Press
Series :
Adam Quatrology
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9780935437553
Pages : 208
Dimensions : 8.5 X 5.5 inches
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We all lie. Whether it is a major deceit, a common whopper or a benign throw-away, they become part of the navigation of life. But when we lie to ourselves, what is the result? Are we in a state of denial or are we merely bending our memories to shape a new reality? Adam Merritt , a successful dermatologist wakens one morning determined to be, in all things, truthful. It doesn’t matter if it concerns his friends, his wife or his professional relationships; he is going to forge ahead with complete honesty.
He feels liberated, energized. The reaction of those around him, however, is less enthusiastic.

Adam decides to turn on the old table radio in his bedroom. Left in his care years ago by Betty Tarrington, a fellow medical resident, he always appreciated the set’s vacuum-tube induced mellow sound. He begins to recall in detail the memories of earlier days in New York and of the radio’s original owner. He remembers the long hours at the hospital, their shared love of music and a fleeting companionship. Slowly he begins to acknowledge that she meant more to him than he realized. Could he have done more to deepen their relationship?

Once, Adam could define himself easily as physician, husband, and friend. When Adam’s journey of remembrance becomes contorted, he questions the facts that make up his life and the circumstances surrounding his memories? What was true only a moment before is now murky and undefined. Will he ever understand reality again? The truth—if it is the truth--threatens to destroy the man that Adam Merritt thought he was.

About The Author

Bernard Sussman, M.D. was an accomplished neurosurgeon and researcher. In addition to four volumes of fiction in the “AdamQuatrology,” he is also the author of Pupils: An Eye-Opening Account of Medical Practice without Standards. He died in 2017. Learn more at

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