Vegas Die

A Quest Murder Mystery

S.P. Grogan

AND THE MAYOR IS THE #1 SUSPECT When Casino Executive Owen McCombs discovers a dead gangster in the trunk of the Mayor's car, he needs to act fast - both to save the Mayor's political career and his own skin as Detective Chastity Taggart is determined to prove McCombs and the Mayor guilty!
Date Published :
June 2020
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ISBN : 9781592110421
Pages : 374
Dimensions : 9 X 6 inches
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When Casino Executive Owen McCombs discovers a dead gangster in the trunk of the Mayor’s car, he needs to find answers quick – not only to save the Mayor’s political career, but to keep his own freedom since Metro Homicide Detective Chastity Tempest Taggart, already pumped up from throwing her ex-husband into jail, is motivated to prove McCombs and the Mayor guilty!
In Vegas Die, the best of Sin City characters and events show up: the imploding casino, the buxom stripper, the nerdy card counter, super star twins, the Elvis impersonator, the Graffiti Vigilante, and associated corpses, immolated, shot, sliced, and diced. In deadly play is also the desperate hunt for $7 million in twice stolen jewelry.
Vegas Die won an award for Best Regional Fiction and was selected by the Las Vegas Review Journal as one of the best selections for summertime reading. For three years Vegas Die, held its own treasure hunt called a Quest Mystery, the search for the $25,000 dagger, clues within the book. The Quest answer is unveiled within this new edition of this best-selling novel.
S.P. Grogan is an award-winning author, his books include Lafayette, Courtier to Crown Fugitive.

About The Author

Author S.P. Grogan is a best-selling author specializing in historical fiction. His other books include Vegas Die: A Quest Mystery

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