The Gathering of Souls

Gerry O'Carroll

Date Published :
March 2015
Publisher :
Liberties Press
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ISBN : 9781905483945

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A year to the day after the death of their son, Moss Quinn's wife Eva Marie has been abducted. He is Dublin's star detective; investigating the disappearance of five women and the murder of another the year before. Moss's number-one suspect walks free from the subsequent trial amidst allegations of police brutality meted out by Quinn's partner, Joe Doyle - an old-school cop. Quinn's world is in turmoil, his marriage is a mess, his reputation after the trial is in tatters - and now his wife has been abducted. Somewhere out there, she is lying bound, gagged and left to die of thirst. Within 72 hours she will be in a coma or dead. A voice on the phone tells Quinn the clock is ticking and the clues to his wife's whereabouts are in his past. Building to a heart-stopping finale, with a cast of credible and colourful characters from the criminal underworld and police ranks alike, The Gathering of Souls is an authentic, dark tale of obsession, revenge and redemption. A touch Denis Lehane meets Joseph Wambaugh, this suspenseful, contemporary Irish thriller looks set to join John Connolly and Alex Barclay's book as an international bestseller.

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