Dead Dogs

Joe Murphy

Date Published :
March 2014
Publisher :
Liberties Press
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ISBN : 9781907593451

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In rural Wexford, a young teenager deals not only with the dramas of youth, but with a troubled best friend, and a town sentencing them to identities against their gradual self-awareness. Dead Dogs examines the unnamed narrator and Seán's ‘place' as they feel the pressures of rural life; sinister undertones follow the teenagers as they battle their socially prescribed identities and the murderous Dr. Thorpe... As the narrator flits in and out of this social world, Seán is completely apart; his awareness of this division troubles Seán and leads to an exploration of his disruptive behavior. As the narrator's inner-Judas voice becomes louder and clearer, will the two boys find their way? With magnificent descriptions of rural Ireland, the Strawberry Festival in Wexford a particular highlight, this psychological narrative explores the troubles facing these teenagers, as they move towards a crescendo that will tear asunder their worlds…


In the tradition of many Irish writers, Murphy's language is as important as the narrative. . . A smart examination of the lonely struggles of being a teenager.

- Publishers Weekly

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