Ricky of the River Pride

Linsay Sherratt

The animals ask Ricky to rescue a lion cub that fell into the river. Ricky overcomes his fear, jumps into the water and brings the cub safely to the river bank.
Date Published :
June 2018
Publisher :
Penguin Random House South Africa
Contributor(s) :
Astrid Castle
Illustration :
16 illustrations
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ISBN : 9781432307035
Pages : 32
Dimensions : 8.3 X 8.3 inches
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Ricky is woken up one night by Cheetah, Zebra and Elephant, who need his help to rescue a lion cub that has fallen into the river. Encouraged by the animals, Ricky overcomes his fear, jumps into the water and brings the cub safely to the river bank. When the cub’s parents realise that Ricky put himself in harm’s way to help their disobedient cub, they are very grateful. Recognising his bravery, the lion places his paw print on Ricky’s chest and declares him to be one of the pride. Ricky returns home with newfound faith in himself, and the secret knowledge that he will be part of the River Pride forever.

About The Author

Linsay Sherratt began her writing career by telling bedtime stories to her daughter (now a graduate student), conjuring up amazing adventures featuring crazy characters, bringing them to life in her imagination. Ricky of the River Pride was inspired by a young boy who loved playing with toy animals. Initially shy and introverted, he gradually opened up to Linsay, allowing her to discover his vivid imagination. For him, the idea of toys coming to life and having an adventure was perfectly reasonable.

Astrid Castle holds a Fine Art degree in sculpture from Port Elizabeth Technikon. Working from her studio in Kalk Bay, Cape Town, she sculpts, paints, teaches art classes, and pursues her career as an award-winning illustrator of books for children, teens and adults.

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