Molly's Millions

Victoria Connelly

A perfect blend of romance and comedy
Date Published :
September 2009
Publisher :
Allison and Busby
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Molly Bailey has just won £4.2 million in the National Lottery. And she needs to get rid of it – fast! Tom Mackenzie is on the verge of losing his job. He needs one hell of a story if he hopes to secure his future in journalism. With Ebenezer Scrooge for a brother, and a strong belief that sharing her good fortune is the only way forward, Molly unwittingly becomes the most sought after person in the country as, in true Robin Hood style, she distributes her wealth to the masses. But will she succeed in her quest of kindness, or will her family and the media catch up with her? Follow Molly on her journey from the Lake District ot the Cotswolds, from deepest Devon to the heart of London and find out if Molly really can make the world go round!