A Day in the Life of Louis Bloom

Paul Charles

The second outing for Belfast based detective McCusker.
Date Published :
August 2018
Publisher :
Dufour Editions
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Binding : Hardback
ISBN : 9780802313621
Pages : 320
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A welcome return for Brendy McCusker.... Charles crafts with such a careful eye on the sparks that can fly-some of them charming, some witty, some downright menacing-between characters who don't happen to see eye to eye, or sometimes even to be operating in the same galaxy. Once again, it's hard to resist a hero who realizes, 'He just had a habit of opening his mouth and not knowing what was going to come out.'--Kirkus Reviews. "Charles's skillful depiction of the many sides of love and its strange bypaths lifts this clever novel well above the genre average."--Publishers Weekly. "Paul Charles is an outstanding author of crime fiction novels. They are models of character development and powerful observations of people the detectives meet."--Irish American News

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