The Ghosthunter's Guide to England

On the Trail of the Paranormal

Rupert Matthews

An A-Z of ghostly hauntings covering each county of England, this book contains stories which include the Grey Lady of Totnes in Devon, the haunted colleges of Cambridge and the Highwayman of the A6 in Cumbria. It is presented in an illustrated format.
Date Published :
December 2006
Publisher :
Countryside Books
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ISBN : 9781853069888
Pages : 256
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The Ghosthunter's Guide to England takes the reader on a haunted journey round the counties of England. It explains where ghosts have been seen and the human stories that lie behind their inability to rest in peace. England has been described as the most haunted place on earth. The enormous number of ghosts, apparitions, specters, phantoms, poltergeists and black dogs discovered and detailed in this book chillingly bear this out.

About The Author

Rupert Matthews is an author and historian.

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