Irish Lake Marvels

Mysteries, Legends and Lore

John Dunne

Date Published :
March 2015
Publisher :
Liberties Press
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ISBN : 9781905483747

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Ireland is blessed with beautiful freshwater lakes, and while we might not have a superstar like Nessie swimming in its waters, we do have some pretty fearful creatures of our own. In this book John Dunne dives into various lakes, examining the creatures, myths and lore that exist therein. From the savage dobharchú (an otter-like monster) to evil witches; deformed kings to man-eating serpents; monster-battling saints to deadly magical wells, Irish Lake Marvels is the first book to deal with the fascinating legends, folktales and supernatural beings of Ireland's lakes. Going county-by-county in detailing these numerous stories, John Dunne demonstrates how anyone living in or visiting Ireland is more than likely familiar with any number of the lakes contained in the book - though probably not aware of the incredible tales associated with them. Ireland's history, folklore and legends have been widely documented and commented upon, but the large and fascinating amount of folklore and mysteries on Ireland's lakes has not been compiled. In Irish Lake Marvels, John Dunne gathers these folkloric gems - and even monster-sightings - into one volume. Fun and informal in tone and with brilliant illustrations throughout, this book guides us through an Ireland as full of creatures, mysteries and sensational stories as it is full of water. The author includes the many points of interest, the origins of some of the more unusual place-names and the legends of lake monsters and the fighting men and saints who often fought them.

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