Aloysius Tempo

Jason Johnson

Date Published :
September 2015
Publisher :
Liberties Press
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ISBN : 9781909718913
Pages : 220
Dimensions : 8.5 X 5.5 inches
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Aloysius creates ‘accidents' that kill. He fled a notorious Irish care home and has built a life as a hitman, travelling Europe and ending lives for cash. Now veteran government recruiter Imelda Feather, 64, wants him back to slay four of the nation's most hated people. It takes guile to lure him in, to convince him it's not a second betrayal by the powers-that-be in Ireland.

On the cusp of the hundredth anniversary of the formation of the state, Aloysius, 40, finds himself a key player in the most extraordinary ‘PR operation' in history. An evil loan shark, a wicked former priest and a wildly controversial female politician find themselves in his sights. But when he learns more about his fourth target, Aloysius must reverse the roles - and hunter becomes hunted. Narrated by the protagonist, Aloysius Tempo is a story of finding a place in a world where trust has crumbled and, more than ever, ends justify means. As Aloysius works to build a future and shake away the past, this story sees him begin to move in time with his country.


...a lean, tight thriller with a steely grip on the attention, and a plot as compulsive and propulsive as a Jason Bourne movie. We're talking murder-for-hire, guilt and recrimination, honour and patriotism, and dirty espionage, both domestic and international.

- The Independent, July 2016

I loved this book. There are elements of politics, espionage, patriotism, nurture vs nature, Irish Troubles, shady dealings, friendship, dodgy clergy, people getting their comeuppance and a twisty plot. But if any of those definitions are not for you, don't be put off because this is a rollicking good story with lots of surprises and really can't be defined by any single theme.

- The TBR Pile, July 2016 is brilliantly paced and told with all of Tempo's hard-bitten, wry humour.

- RTÉ.ie (Raidió Teilifís Éireann), July 2016 is writing of very high quality, beautifully observed and full of clear, cold cruelty... I will look forward to the return of this strangely attractive hero.

- Crime Fiction Lover, July 2016

Thanks to Johnson's eerie storytelling abilities, readers will cringe and wince -appropriately- without wanting to put the novel down. Because that's Tempo's mysterious pull: for every dark and seedy plot point, Johnson's prose is elegant and swiftly moving, carrying the reader from one page to another... The story of Aloysius Tempo can hardly be contained. Once opened, Johnson's Tempo races with speed to a crashing crescendo that will leave readers wanting more.

- The Editor, July 2016

Aloysius Tempo is a gritty and gripping thriller and at just over 253 pages it's a fast read.

- IzzyReads, July 2016

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