The Organised Criminal

Jarlath Gregory

Date Published :
April 2014
Publisher :
Liberties Press
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ISBN : 9781909718937
Pages : 224
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Spiked with black humor throughout, The Organised Criminal introduces us to Jay O'Reilly reluctantly returning to his family home. A childhood steeped in dysfunction with his family of criminals made him determined never to return, despite his attempts to leave the past behind, comes home to bid a final farewell to his recently-departed cousin Duncan. Though Jay likes to think he's turned his back on his community, his lost past still holds a bleak fascination for him. His father, a well-known smuggler in the city with a wealthy, far-reaching empire, comes to him with a proposal. As Jay contemplates the job offer he reacquaints himself with the place and the family he left, only to find that it is exactly as hard, cold and unwelcoming as he remembered. With the anxieties and troubles of Northern Ireland as a back drop, Jay's story becomes one of fear, family ties and self-worth. When the truth behind his father's offer is finally revealed, Jay faces the primal struggle between familial bonds and moral obligations. With a comic cynicism, The Organised Criminal looks at the fragile security that holds families and communities together. Gregory's wry wit draws on questions of ethics and conscience as well as loyalty and unity. Jay's feelings of loneliness, displacement, dissatisfaction and ultimately hatred have a universality that connects all audiences in a tale of truth-seeking.


Set in present day Crossmaglen, this crime novel starts off with a death, quickly whetting the reader's appetite... The Organised Criminal is definitely worth a read.

- Culture Hub Magazine, July 2016

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