Aladdin and his Magic Lamp

From the One Thousand and One Nights

Date Published :
August 2016
Publisher :
Real Reads
Contributor(s) :
Sura Ghazwan, Haikam Alkhawaja
Illustration :
Full color throughout
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781911091004
Pages : 64
Dimensions : 7.75 X 5.25 inches
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‘I am not thinking of learning any profession whatsoever.’ Though Aladdin's childhood had been full of beauty, comfort and happiness, without any trace of sadness or sorrow, he entirely failed to learn the lessons of hard work and responsibility. And so it seems Aladdin will never achieve anything – until after his father's death a man arrives who claims to be his long-lost uncle, promising Aladdin and his mother wealth and status if only Aladdin will help him on a perilous quest involving a magic ring, a cave, and a very dusty old lamp. But what will Aladdin do when he realises that he has unleashed powerful forces that can help him achieve everything his heart desires, from immense riches to the hand of the Sultan's daughter? And he isn't the only one who wants to harness magic forces to his own ends ...

Real Reads are accessible texts designed to support the literacy development of primary and lower secondary age children while introducing them to the riches of our international literary heritage. Each book is a retelling of a work of great literature from one of the world’s greatest cultures, fitted into a 64-page book, making classic stories, dramas and histories available to intelligent young readers as a bridge to the full texts, to language students wanting access to other cultures, and to adult readers who are unlikely ever to read the original versions.

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