Success at College

Success at College

What They Haven't Told You

Simon Moss

Success at College: What They Haven't Told You allows students to developed the requisite skills to succeed at college.
Date Published :
December 2020
Publisher :
Black Knight Books
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Success at College: What They Haven’t Told You takes tertiary study skills and success at college books to a completely new level.

This book is applicable to all college students. While some students will assume they have already developed the requisite skills to succeed at college these students may be in for a surprise.

The recommendations in the first two parts of the book are based on scientific discoveries – from every psychology and scientific report that related to success at university – published between 2000 and 2010. This research identified 1500 discoveries, many of which diverged from the common practices and assumptions of students and employees. A subset of these discoveries is included in this book.

The third part of this book focuses on writing style – perhaps the most important, and most underestimated, skill at college – and demonstrates how students can write more persuasively, professionally, concisely, precisely and fluently.

About The Author

SIMON MOSS (PhD Monash) is an adjust Senior Lecturer in the Department of Psychology at Monash University in Melbourne. He is also a registered psychologist. He lectures in psychology, research design & method, and statistics & data analysis, and supervises students in leadership, emotions, integrity, personnel selection, and data analysis. His primary research interest relates to the factors that promote honest, ethical, cooperative and dedicated behaviour in the workplace. Specifically, he is interested in the misconceptions of individuals that compromise wellbeing and performance. Simon has published scientific papers in a broad range of disciplines, including creativity and problem solving, attention and concentration, facial expressions, psychological disorders, risk and safety, and stress management. He is also co-founder and director of Zenith Professional Development, offering a revolutionary system of management assessment and training.