Meeting the French

Practical Guides to Lifestyle, Manners and Languages

Pam Bourgeois

Everything you need to know when meeting French people.
Date Published :
March 2014
Publisher :
Kolibri Languages
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Everything you need to know when meeting French people.
• Find out what to expect when you are invited for an aperitif
• Know when to use tu and vous.
• Understand regional differences.
• Learn how to greet people in formal and informal situations.
• Discover when to faire la bise.
• Obtain tips on keeping up a conversation in French.
• Be prepared if you are invited to a French wedding.
• Gain insights into the French sense of humor.

Kolibri Languages’ Practical Guides are written especially for Francophiles who want to understand the French way of life in depth and speak French with confidence. The Practical Guides are based on creative and effective teaching methods that highlight the need for cultural insights when learning a language. Understanding what is going on, knowing what people will say, being able to react and respond appropriately are the recipe for successful conversations and interactions with French people. Dealing with key topics including travel and daily life, Kolibri Languages’ Practical Guides will help deepen your understanding of French culture as you progress in the French language. Whether you are a frequent visitor or traveling to France for the first time, whether you have little or very rusty French, or more confidence, these guides will help you make the most of your trips to France and will enable you to get to know French people. Organized for easy reference and attractively illustrated, these practical guides offer a unique combination of insider knowledge and structured language help. Cultural tips, historical anecdotes, useful words and expressions, amusing idioms, quizzes and key information will help you understand the French way of life. The enclosed audio CD will help you with pronunciation and intonation so you will feel confident when talking with French people. If you love France, you'll enjoy finding out more about its culture, language and way of life. Whether you are a frequent visitor or traveling to France for the first time, whether you have little or very rusty French, or more confidence, these engaging books will help you prepare your trip and will be a unique souvenir when you return home.


"Pam Bourgeois has written three Excellent books to help anyone understand and appreciate life in France and enjoy visits there or going to live there. These practical guides to Lifestyle, Manners and Language in France each include a Audio CD to help you further your knowledge and make your French experiences more comfortable and enjoyable. The photos and words in each book make France become enticing and familiar. In LIFE IN FRANCE the author talks about employment, homelife, normal activities during a work day or a day of leisure, education, sports, entertainment and much more. French vocabulary is interspersed as the culture is described. In EATING AND SHOPPING IN FRANCE Bourgeois describes and explains the differences in Cafes, Brasseries, Restaurants, Creperies, Boulangeries, Patisseries, Fromageries, Charcuteries, Marches, Caveaus, all of which you will need to know as a traveler or for living in France. As for, you will need this excellent guide to regional specialties and the excellent and upscale shops in Paris. In the third book MEETING THE FRENCH, Pam introduces the various kinds of invitations you might receive and enjoy. She tells how to maneuver successfully in both formal and informal situations, and in intimate family gatherings, and she pays attention to differences with various regions.She gives great information and tips on how to converse in many different types of gatherings. These guides are not to be missed for anyone going to France!"

- Bonnie Neely, Real Travel Adventures

"…filled with full color photography, as well as helpful cultural hints and tips, and the CD accompanying each book is invaluable for French Pronunciation and intonation practice. Highly recommended for anyone interested in traveling or learning more about this beautiful nation."

- Midwest Book Review