Dictionary of Advanced Russian Usage

A Guide to Idiom, Colloquialisms, Slang and More

Michael Kayser

The insespensible reference for full-throated Russian translation. Almost twice a large as the first edition.
Date Published :
September 2020
Publisher :
Schreiber Publishing
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9780884003519
Pages : 780
Dimensions : 7 X 10 inches
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Fully Expanded - New Larger Format. Twice the Content of the First Edition.

What was begun as an experimental work of creative translation has evolved into an in-depth tool that fills in many of the gaps left by even the most comprehensive English-Russian/Russian-English dictionaries. The Dictionary of Advanced Russian Usage was never intended for beginners who are looking for basic word-to-word equivalents. Instead, it is for translators and others who are often frustrated by a search for just the right word or phrase.

Twice the size of the first, the thrust of Second Edition of The Dictionary of Advanced Russian Usage remains the same: to encompass words and phrases which have not fallen within the scope of standard English-Russian/Russian-English dictionaries or to simply offer a new take on translations which have become “old hat”, but which may not be anywhere near as precise as one might desire.

The current edition also embodies a vast expansion of contemporary slang with thousands of new entries, as well as a substantial foray into criminal cant. Classical entries have also been markedly increased with examples from the works of A. Rybakov, V. Soloukhin, E. Zamyatin, V. Astafiev, etc., as well as numerous writers of the 19th century.

The author remains committed to offering the same unique dictionary experience as the earlier edition. When you open this reference tool for the first or the thousandth time, you will find something better, something surprising and satisfying, something that may even remove the linguistic blinders which have shackled translators and lexicographers for years.

The Dictionary of Advanced Russian Usage is still an essential resource for a full-throated English-Russian/Russian-English translation in a fast-changing world. With this greatly expanded second edition, it will become absolutely indispensable.

About The Author

Michael Kayser is a former English-Russian translator at the Voice of America, an American Translators Association certified English-Russian/Russian-English translator and a former English-Russian simultaneous contract interpreter for the US Department of State. He has been published both in the U.S. and in Russia.

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