Vegan Recipes from Spain

Gonzalo Baró

Gonzalo Baró presents a range of vegan recipes from the traditional very simple, honest dishes and unusual, new ones.
Date Published :
August 2018
Publisher :
Grub Street Cookery
Illustration :
color photography and illustrations throughout
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Binding : Hardback
ISBN : 9781911621164
Pages : 192
Dimensions : 9 X 6 inches
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Spanish food is all about making the most of the best local produce. It conjures up many associations ̶ friends eating and laughing together, delicious wine, relaxing holidays, or a balmy breeze under a colourful waterside umbrella. Above all it is perfect for sharing. Geography and climate, has had a great influence on its cooking methods and available ingredients, and these particularities are present in the dishes of the various regions. Spanish cuisine was also shaped by a complex history, where invasions and conquests have modified traditions and made new ingredients available. Gonzalo Baró has brought this feeling of life into his recipes ̶ in either traditional, usually very simple, honest dishes or unusual, new ones. He brings this gorgeous fresh country cuisine to our tables in chapters covering Basics, Tapas, Pinchos, Appetizers, Main Dishes, and Sweets. There are pages and pages of mouth-watering recipes for alioli, romesco, gazpacho, ajo blanco, mushrooms with sherry, stuffed piquillo peppers, fried salad hearts, green beans in tomato sauce, grilled asparagus, crispy vegetables with orange alioli, wild rice salad with sherry vinaigrette, sweet potatoes and grapes, yams with chard sauce, paella, tortilla, padron peppers, and a host of sweet treats.

About The Author

Gonzalo Baró was born in Madrid. He studied information science and photography at university during which time he embarked on a project: Food. His interest in good food and cooking has since become a passion. He took the opportunity to combine his photographic skills with his culinary passion at the end of 2014 when his first book Vegan Tapas was published. Currently he is working as a chef in a boutique hotel in Berlin, where his recipes are enchanting the guests.


“An accessible collection, with full-color travel and food photographs, for those who practice the art of being vegan.”

- Booklist

“The book is punctuated with BaroÌ’s colorful photography and some of the shots are truly spectacular… this cookbook is a must for any home cook who wants to learn more about the intricacies of Spanish cuisine. It is a bonus that the vegan style recipes are healthy and eco-friendly.”

- New York Journal of Books

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