Lulu's Provençal table

Richard Olney

Date Published :
December 2013
Publisher :
Grub Street Cookery
Contributor(s) :
Alice Walker
Illustration :
two color throughout
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ISBN : 9781911621195
Pages : 176
Dimensions : 9.75 X 7.5 inches
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Richard Olney – responsible for the legendary Time-Life cooking series as well as other cooking classics such as his wonderful Simple French Food (also published by Grub Street) — moved to Provence in 1961 and had the good fortune to befriend Lulu and Lucien Peyraud, the owners of the noted Domaine Tempier vineyard in Provence, not far from Marseilles. Lulu’s Provençal Table tantalizes the reader with Olney’s descriptions of the regional food served as the vineyard meals at the Domaine. Then he lovingly transcribes Lulu's recipes. She has an empathy with and understanding of Provençal ingredients that is inspirational. There is succulent Pot-Roasted Leg of Lamb with Black Olives served with Courgette Gratin, and Potato and Sorrel Gratin, delicious with just six ingredients. There are plenty of simple recipes, but the recipe for bouillabaisse is a fascinating 10 pages long.

Her 150 recipes read like a roll call of the best of Provence ̶ tapenade, anchoiade, brandade, pissaladière, bagna cauda, sardines grillées, bouillabaisse, bourride, daurade au fenouil, daube, gigot à la ficelle and ratatouille. Starting with aperitifs and amuse-gueule and finishing up with fruit desserts, hers is classic French country cooking, featuring everyday ingredients cooked with respect for their nature and flavor.

Having been described as ‘a gastronomic love poem to France’s most exhilarating region,’ this is an essential book for any serious food lover's library.


‘….over many months, the tentative giving and taking of recipes quietly evolved into a book so rich in collaboration that Lulu together with Richard seemed to become as one: a magical, culinary love affair, if you will.'

- Simon Hopkinson, The Observer, January 2018

"For the real thing look no further than Lulu's Provencal Table in which Madame Lulu Peyraud shares her ancestral knowledge..."

- Elisabeth Luard, The Oldie, January 2018

"A must for every French foodie's bookshelf."

- Living France Magazine, January 2018

"Lulu's cooking is often earthy, always delicious, and always appropriate to the moment."

- Alice Waters, January 2018

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