100 Edible & Healing Flowers

Cultivating, Cooking, Restoring Health

Margaret Roberts

An inspiring collection of recipes and herbal cures, beautifully and colorfully presented
Date Published :
May 2014
Publisher :
Penguin Random House South Africa
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ISBN : 9781775840374

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Margaret Roberts shares her secrets for creating an edible garden that will not only nurture and heal the body with the health-giving plants it produces, but will also be a place of beauty to nurture the soul. Each plant is dealt with in detail, with advice on the best conditions for growing it, and how to harness its healing and culinary potential. The recipes are easy to prepare and range from health-boosting soups and salads to mouth-watering desserts and party fare. And there's a wide range of medicinal and cosmetic preparations, from teas and tonics to creams and lotions. Beautifully presented and packed with information.

About The Author

Margaret Roberts is an herbal pioneer from South Africa. She introduced herbs and made them part of the culture over 35 years ago, and lectures extensively on herbs for health and nutrition around the globe. She is a certified physical therapist. In her quest for health, longevity and natural treatments for every ailment encompassing natural foods, natural medicines and insecticides, she has become a respected authority on this essential subject. She has inspired many around the globe to create gardens, change their ways of eating, and to use natural medicines. Miss Roberts is the author of more than 30 books, and received a Laureate Award from Pretoria University in recognition of her outstanding contributions to this field.


"Roberts offers this colorful encyclopedia of herbs and flowers with descriptions of their therapeutic and culinary uses. A thumbnail table of contents and enthusiastic introduction precede a guide to planning, compost, mulching, and propagation of plants. The flowers and herbs are then covered in alphabetical order, with entries discussing history, cultivation, and medicinal use, and providing recipes for medicinal, cosmetic, and food items that include it. A therapeutic quick reference in the back matches plants to ailments, in addition to flower and recipe indices."

- ProtoView

"Margaret Roberts is a well-known proponent of the use of natural products to enhance health and wellbeing. In 100 Edible and Healing Flowers, she encourages readers to create a garden of flowers that can be used in celebrations, in the kitchen, and also to produce medicines and cosmetics. In this hands-on, practical book, Margaret instructs how and when to plant, grow and harvest flowers, and supplies recipes that harness the medicinal, cosmetic and edible nature of these plants. The accessible, down-to-earth text is spiced with personal anecdotes and information about the historical use of flowers in herbalism. Colourful photographs aid identification, and Margaret’s delicate line drawings add an appealing touch of whimsy to this elegant book."

- City Farmer News

"100 Edible and Healing Flowers by Margaret Roberts is the most magical book and I believe one could live a very healthy life by using the advice in this book. The photos of each flower are gorgeous, and Margaret tells how to cultivate and harvest each one and how to use its goodness not only to beautify your garden and home but also how to cure many ills. Each flower is listed with the ways to treat the ills that it helps heal. The many recipes that are included are for both foods and medicinal uses of the lovely flowers. These must be grown organically in order to be safe for consuming, and Margaret tells even the novice gardener just how to do this. For anyone, this book is TERRIFIC!"

- Bonnie Neely, Real Travel Adventures

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