The art of managing the media

Nick Clelland, Ryan Coetzee

Written by two respected political communicators, Spin will teach you how to manage the media and grow your brand, whether you operate in the public or private sphere.
Date Published :
July 2018
Publisher :
Penguin Random House South Africa
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ISBN : 9781776091577
Pages : 128
Dimensions : 7.8 X 5 inches
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This short, punchy and irreverent book written by two experienced political communicators, Nick Clelland and Ryan Coetzee, provides spin-doctor secrets for managing the media. There are many people who will have to encounter the media in their lives: CEOs, sportspeople, politicians, social media users, celebrities, thought leaders, academics, bloggers, authors – the list is endless. Spin is a go-to book that explains what to do when the media comes calling. Whether you’ve done something wonderful and newsworthy or something you wish no one knew about, this book will teach you how to maximise the good news and manage the bad. Spin will also introduce you to a political methodology that actually harnesses the media and which, if used carefully, can grow your business or put that charity you support on the map. By traversing such topics as brand strategy, practical media skills, driving issues, social media, crisis communications and ethics, and using real-life practical examples, Spin is a valuable resource that will help you master managing the media.

About The Author

Nick Clelland is a communications expert and strategist with experience in the most aggressive media and public environments. He is the CEO of Resolve Communications, a lobbying and advocacy agency operating in South Africa, and a former MP for the Democratic Alliance. Nick has directed political communications operations on three continents: he was director of strategic communications for the Western Cape Government in South Africa, headed up media communications for the Auckland City Council in New Zealand and, in Britain, was part of the media team for the Liberal Democrats 2005 general election campaign. He is also an experienced communications trainer and a member of the teaching team at the International Academy for Leadership in Germany.

Ryan Coetzee is a South African politician and political strategist, who has served as special advisor to UK deputy prime minister Nick Clegg and was the 2015 general election director of strategy for the Liberal Democrats. In 2006, Ryan was director of strategy for the campaign for the UK to remain in the EU. He previously served as an MP in South Africa, as CEO of the Democratic Alliance, as the party’s general election campaign chief, and as chief advisor to Western Cape premier Helen Zille.

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