Savvy Interviewing

How to Ace the Interview & Get the Job

John Van Devender, Gloria Van Devender-Graves

An insider's guide to the corporate hiring process, featuring interview do's and don'ts that could make or break your opportunity in two minutes flat.
Date Published :
February 2007
Publisher :
Capital Books
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Within the first two minutes of an interview, hiring agents know whether or not to treat a job candidate seriously. In The Savvy Job Seeker, two experienced human resource insiders give prospective candidates the scoop on how to make the cut. It’s not just the questions - or the answers! It’s everything from personal appearance to body language, from email to table manners, from how well candidates follow directions, to how well they handle themselves under fire. This behind-the-scenes, how-to guide lets job candidates in on the secrets that can get them the job or stop them in their tracks.

About The Author

John Van Devender and Gloria Van Devender-Graves have interviewed more than a 1,000 people for jobs ranging from business to manufacturing to computer programming. Together, they have more than thirty-three years of hiring experience. Gloria is currently an HR recruiter in Tennessee, and John is communications manager in the HR unit of a Connecticut firm.


"Dressing for success still applies … In Savvy Interviewing, a great new book by John Van Devender and Gloria Van Devender-Graves, published by Capitol Books, the authors say, ‘It's a sad fact, but some of today's job applicants are social barbarians. Dress your best because we want to see what you look like at your best. Whatever we actually want you to wear when you come to work for us is a totally different story.’"

- Marvin Walberg

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