Tough-Time, First Time, Any Time

Michele Lerner

Date Published :
September 2009
Publisher :
Capital Books
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781933102870

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Buying a home can be scary enough, but when you are surrounded by job losses, foreclosures and media tales of a credit crunch, many potential buyers give up the American Dream without even trying. But today's potential homebuyers have advantages that buyers a few years ago lacked: * There are plenty of homes on the market, * Home prices have become more affordable in many markets, * Mortgage lenders have money to lend and interest rates are at historically low rates. This step-by-step guide will show homebuyers how to take advantage of the current market conditions to buy a home that is both a refuge from the tough times and a worthwhile financial investment. Includes information on: * Buying vs. renting. * First-time financing. * Finding the right realtor. * Choosing a neighborhood. * Understanding legal, tax, and insurance issues, contracts, contingencies, inspections, warranties, and settlement * Also includes a list of state Real Estate Commissions; a list of state first-time homebuyer programs with descriptions; glossary of real estate terms; resource guide to websites with first-time homebuyer information.


A MUST for anyone thinking of buying a home. Lerner is an expert and experienced realtor who shares her vast knowledge of the pitfalls and joys of selecting a home to lease or purchase, and how to decide which one to do. She explains thoroughly and in easy to understand language how to secure financing, find a good agent or realtor, what to consider when selecting the neighborhood in which to prospect, and insights into the leagalities, taxes, insurance, closing issues, contracts, inspections, etc. Her very sage advice is to get EVERYTHING in writing. This is a great handbook for anyone seeking a new home and for realtors to use with their clients.

- Bonnie Neely, Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer, October 2009

Buying a place you're going to call a home is no fleeting decision. "Homebuying: Tough Times, First Time, Any Time" is a homebuyer's guide who want to make their multi-thousand dollar investment one that is wise and won't come back to bite them in the behind. Buying and renting, real estate agents, good neighborhoods, the slew of legal nonsense that could fill a book itself, Michael Lerner seeks to educate readers on it all. "Homebuying" is a must read before one makes that serious purchase.

- Internet Bookwatch

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