Exploring Strategic Groups

James Rafferty

Date Published :
May 2018
Publisher :
University of Buckingham Press
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This thoughtful and original book will be of interest to students of strategic management and economics, business practitioners, management researchers and to anyone concerned with the problems of industry analysis and its links with strategic decision making. It is an important book that explores the theme of cognitive strategic groups and draws conclusions on the basis of solid empirical research. The findings of the book cut across a convenient academic concept and in so doing, provides insightful and meaningful elucidations of the realites of managerial cognition. James Rafferty develops a model of integration in strategic decision-making that manifeststhe cognitive context in which the practice of strategic management takes place, rather than relying on the assumption og homgeneity between managers' perceptions of strategic dimensions.

About The Author

James Rafferty is IMI-D.K.Chowdhury Professor of Management. He joined the University in June 1987 following many years in industry where he held senior management positions. His industrial management experience includes Financial Planning and Strategy with General Motors Corporation and the Granada Group and he has been the Managing Director of firms in the furniture, precision engineering and electronics industries. His consultancy interests are in the area of strategic management and industrial strategy, and he has been a consultant to a number of organisations including the UNDP and UNIDO.